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* kasdk (5 hours ago) [tls]
Uge 25 begynder #DK

* freemor (6 hours ago) [tls]
Hardcoded passwords aare bad enough, hanging on to them for 'Compatibility' is just Tragic.

* freemor (6 hours ago) [tls]
Hmm.. isteresting court decision.. Could have far reaching ramifications.

* mdosch (9 hours ago) [tls]
I changed the code of #goxtxt (my #twtxt #xmpp bot) a little bit. If all went good there should be no change in functionality but it is no more depending on #head and #grep.

* kasdk (9 hours ago) [tls]
Gro selv: Vi eksperimenterer med upcycling, grøn mad og oplevelser ⌘

* mdosch (9 hours ago) [tls]
What a dissapointing start. Only the last 15 minutes I saw them fighting. #Germany vs #Mexico #Worldcup2018

* skingrapher (10 hours ago) [tls]
cryptocurrencies 101 by james altucher

* skingrapher (10 hours ago) [tls]
@kas [maloya] I lived in Reunion 16 years. this island will be always in my heart

* skingrapher (10 hours ago) [tls]
cryptocurrencies 101 by james altucher

* mdosch (19 hours ago) [tls]
Only a few hours left till #Germany vs #Mexico starts. Go Germany! #Worldcup2018

* kas (1 days ago) [tls]
Falun Dafa ⌘

* mdosch (1 days ago) [tls]
@freemor you'll probably have a lot of 404 on /wp-admin if you don't use WordPress.

* freemor (2 days ago) [tls]
Since I moved my httpd to 80/443, Oh so many bots scanning. Had a bit of fun Picking apart and tracking down a Satori attempt (apparently Satori has gone full Worm recently)

* freemor (3 days ago) [tls]
The "I'm still here... just busy." tweet so people don't think I fell off the Net.

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
Pijul is a free and open source (GPL2) distributed version control system ⌘ #rust

* kas (4 days ago) [tls]
Worldtime Buddy ⌘

* 71m (4 days ago) [tls]
I want a social network where people are only allowed to post code. 1K or less.

* kas (5 days ago) [tls]
New release from Saodaj': Pokor lèr ⌘ #maloya #music #Réunion

* kas (5 days ago) [tls]
Curated anarchist zine archive ⌘

* kasdk (7 days ago) [tls]
Uge 24 begynder #DK

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
PCG: A family of better random number generators ⌘

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
Calendar Versioning ⌘

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
Cloud catchers of Peru ⌘

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
Rationality ⌘

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
Straight white male: the lowest difficulty setting there is ⌘

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
Google Container ⌘

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
How to get your kids to do chores (without resenting it) ⌘

* skingrapher (8 days ago) [tls]
@freemor (re:gafam) it was a sardonic aphorism. we need more people to change the actual paradigm

* mdosch (9 days ago) [tls]
My #xmpp #twtxt bot moved to a new repository:

* kas (9 days ago) [tls]
A port of basic callbag operators to Python ⌘

* kas (9 days ago) [tls]
Callbag – A standard for JS callbacks that enables lightweight observables and iterables ⌘

* kas (9 days ago) [tls] hackbase and infrastructure project ⌘

* 71m (10 days ago) [tls]
I think it'd be cool to get a patch file via email someday.

* pete (10 days ago) [tls]
@kas (re: numpop) whoa, nice! I think my best is still 400 or 500-something, though I did have a bot break 4k

* kas (10 days ago) [tls]
Brutalist Websites ⌘

* 71m (10 days ago) [tls]
I made a small repo to show how, in Rust, to wrap data in a Ruby object.

* kasdk (10 days ago) [tls]
Snyd lukketheden – sådan får du aktindsigt ⌘

* 71m (11 days ago) [tls]
I have enough conference water bottles to have a conference and give away water bottles.

* tux0r (11 days ago) [tls]
Meanwhile on the web: SourceForge advertises its GitHub importer...

* kas (11 days ago) [tls]
Growing mushrooms on logs and stumps ⌘

* freemor (11 days ago) [tls]
@skingrapher I thought the mantra was: Never #GAFAM, #GAFAM never. I've been managing to avoid most of them (Amazon is the sticking point when you a rural) quite well.

* kasdk (11 days ago) [tls]
Sæler og hvaler i Danmark ⌘

* kas (12 days ago) [tls]
Yay, I just scored 891 in numpop in 248 moves! I believe that's my personal record. /cc @pete

* 71m (12 days ago) [tls]
I wrote about my favorite dev laptop, the ThinkPad X230, on my domain:

* skingrapher (13 days ago) [tls]
@kas (re: MS acquires GitHub) always #gafam, #gafam always...

* freemor (13 days ago) [tls]
Love Errors like this: "warning: The echo canceller started acting funny and got slapped (reset). It swears it will behave now."

* 71m (13 days ago) [tls]
@freemor thanks!

* 71m (13 days ago) [tls]
@kas thanks, and sure you can!

* kas (13 days ago) [tls]
Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion ⌘

* kas (13 days ago) [tls]
Social Combat Rules of Engagement ⌘

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