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* jcolag (20 hours ago)
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: Free Social Networking Showdown - ZeroNet #socialmedia #freesoftware #zeronet #socialshowdown

* kas (21 hours ago)
Pure sh bible — a collection of pure POSIX sh alternatives to external processes ⌘

* kas (22 hours ago)
The Bash Hackers Wiki ⌘

* freemor (1 days ago)
(re: Session) Again with the "disappearing messages". I wish people would give up on this one. Can not be reliably done. You can compile your own client, Then you can modify it to Ignore deletion requests. Also if the data is stored on device for any length of time it can be copied elsewhere before deletion.

* freemor (1 days ago)
(re: Session) I'm also not seeing loki-service-node source code, just binaries. So is it a "Just trust the server" system?

* jcolag (1 days ago)
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: Tweets from 02/17 to 02/21 #twitter #week #socialmedia #linkdump

* freemor (1 days ago)
(re: Session) "Duress codes" Are a bad idea and in almost all jurisdictions will get you into more trouble then not. (Destruction of evidence, Impeeding an investigation, etc. etc. )

* freemor (1 days ago)
(re: Session) I do not like the "staking" model they are using for the servers. The Internet should not be "Pay-to-Play". Also it favours well resourced entities (NSA, CES, Etc.) over normal non heavily resources individules.

* von (1 days ago)
@kas (re: Session) I don't think so, but it might be possible to try something by running Session apps in separate containers on your phone. But I didn't try it

* kas (1 days ago)
@von (re: Session) is it possible to have/use more than one session id at any given time?

* kas (1 days ago)
@adiabatic, which “newfangled editors” are you talking about?

* adiabetic (1 days ago)
I _want_ to use more newfangled non-vi(m) console-based text editors, but they all seem to assume that the alt key is as easy to press as the ctrl key. Meanwhile, I use my Option key too much to be willing to change its function.

* jcolag (2 days ago)
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: Real Life in Star Trek, Mudd's Women #scifi #startrek #closereading

* von (2 days ago)
It's a new one in the instant messaging game :P It's a fork of Signal and claims no metadata. I too have my chatting tools, but it doesn't prevent to check new stuff ^^

* mdosch (2 days ago)
@von What is session? For chatting I use #XMPP since ~2003

* von (2 days ago)
So I installed Session to give it a try, come chat with me :)

* mdosch (3 days ago)
(re plaintextemail) I could do, but I don't like email signatures on my private emails.

* kas (3 days ago)
@mdosch (re: plaintextemail) Or add a link to in the signature (or, perhaps even better: as the first line of the email) when replying to an HTML email.

* kas (3 days ago)
Unix toolbox ⌘

* mdosch (4 days ago)
(re plaintextemail) @kas Nice! Maybe I could add a sieve filter which replies with a link to this site when receiving HTML emails.

* kas (4 days ago)
Use plaintext email ⌘

* dave (4 days ago)
Another example of domestic computing:

* adiabetic (4 days ago)
Just learned that a guy I know of has an impressive beard. I wouldn’t have figured he had an impressive beard. Now I wonder who else I know who has an impressive beard that I don’t know about.

* von (4 days ago)
@mdom @lucidiot : I answered with a possible solution

* kas (5 days ago)
Bracketed paste mode ⌘

* kas (5 days ago)
The punctuation guide ⌘

* xandkar (5 days ago)
This should be a legally-required reading for all those that think legally requiring anything is a good idea:

* mdosch (5 days ago)
@kas (re: degoogle) Hmm, I don't really like that they also recommend Threema for messaging as this is also a closed source silo.

* mdom (5 days ago)
@lucidiot, thanks for the bug report. Does anybody have an idea for

* jcolag (5 days ago)
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: Bicker Progress - First (Belated) Mensiversary #ruby #rails #programming #project #devjournal #bicker

* lucidiot (5 days ago)
tired: kitchen - wired: lunchpad

* von (5 days ago)
Cryptee | Private, Secure, Encrypted Photos and Encrypted Documents ⌘

* kas (6 days ago)
Cutting Google out of your life: degoogle ⌘

* kas (6 days ago)
@jcolag I'd forgotten about Twistnik: Some people [and bots] are still using Twister:

* kas (6 days ago)
A Defensive Computing Checklist by Michael Horowitz ⌘

* kasdk (6 days ago)
Uge 8 begynder #DK

* jcolag (6 days ago)
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: My Software #software #technology #meta

* mdosch (6 days ago)
Am on the way to a Munich white sausage breakfast before we go to the stadium for an icehockey match. Great Sunday!

* kas (6 days ago)
Carol M. Highsmith Archive ⌘ #photos

* kas (7 days ago)
@jcolag I left Twister in October 2016, I believe. At that time there was a thriving, if small, community.

* kas (7 days ago)
@jcolag I get 404 on all of your blog URLS that read “/blog/YYYY/…”, whereas “/blog/media/YYYY/…” gives me the page you intended to link to.

* jcolag (7 days ago)
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: Free Social Networking Showdown - Twister #socialmedia #freesoftware #twister #socialshowdown

* lucidiot (8 days ago)
Found a bug with mastodon URLs in txtnish, nice!

* lucidiot (8 days ago)
bully the vampire slayer

* lucidiot (8 days ago)

* jcolag (8 days ago)
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: Tweets from 02/10 to 02/14 #twitter #week #socialmedia #linkdump

* kas (8 days ago)
I ♥ Free Software ⌘ #ilovefs

* kas (8 days ago)
I ♥ Free Software: Linux,, python, jed, postfix, openssh, firefox, gnupg, prosody, gajim, conversations, git, latex, gimp, … the list goes on and on — thanks, everybody! ⌘ #ilovefs

* jcolag (9 days ago)
Posted to Entropy Arbitrage: Real Life in Star Trek, The Enemy Within #scifi #startrek #closereading

* lucidiot (9 days ago)
Today I learned: Cheese with holes is the root cause of most transportation accidents.

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