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* von (5 hours ago) [tls]
@freemor Totally ! I new as I said, and I putted the link on my various contact page :) But Hawkpost needs to be less hidden :P

* freemor (7 hours ago) [tls]
I definitely consider Hawkpost as a hidden gem.

* freemor (7 hours ago) [tls]
@von Glad you found it. For those of us that like Encrypted mail it removes the complaint of others that setting up encryption at their end is too hard.

* von (7 hours ago) [tls]
Just discovered Hawkpost thanks to @freemor. It's a really good tool, makes me think of

* von (12 hours ago) [tls]
Also last week of work. I can do it !

* metamurks (13 hours ago) [tls]
"Debian: Building a Media Centre With Kodi":

* von (14 hours ago) [tls]
My Tails live USB is almost ready. Now I need to find time to post it, and hope it'll arrive before Christmas in Germany x)

* kasdk (23 hours ago) [tls]
Uge 50 begynder #DK

* kas (1 days ago) [tls]
Simon Stålenhag ⌘ #dystopia #art

* metamurks (1 days ago) [tls]
I now have a working DVB-C VDR setup on Debian 9.6 (Hauppauge USB stick) :-)

* kas (2 days ago) [tls]
7 Cooperative Principles ⌘

* skingrapher (3 days ago) [tls]

* von (3 days ago) [tls]

* freemor (3 days ago) [tls]
Good Article on 'Affect Recognition':

* von (3 days ago) [tls]
too much to do this week-end... When will I be able to rest...

* von (3 days ago) [tls]
Wow, GPG implementation in mutt is impressive

* von (4 days ago) [tls]
Good recap article about tf is going in France rn

* freemor (4 days ago) [tls]
Austrillia continues to head in the wrong direction:

* von (4 days ago) [tls]
I kinda want holidays, it's been a while since last time and I don't know when I'll be again to take some again

* von (4 days ago) [tls]
It was me being dumb actually

* von (4 days ago) [tls]
Just set up TOTP on my Disroot account. K9Mail doesn't want to connect with app password :/

* von (5 days ago) [tls]
I want to buy another vinyl, but already started buying Christmas gifts and need to buy some more so I guess I'll pass this month

* von (5 days ago) [tls]
L'article a été reformaté avec Grammalecte, tous les espaces insécables sont placés x)

* kas (6 days ago) [tls]
Principle of least astonishment ⌘ #POLA

* von (6 days ago) [tls]
I contributed to the Funkwhale project today :) I like being useful

* von (6 days ago) [tls]
Started to write an article about PirateBoxes

* von (6 days ago) [tls]
ANSI/ASCII #art is awesome

* von (7 days ago) [tls]
Shit, I forget to update my coffee counter today

* von (7 days ago) [tls]
Self adapting system to find music based on your tastes

* von (7 days ago) [tls]
I recently started to listen to classical music again. I like it :)

* von (7 days ago) [tls]
I hope next job will allow ssh connection, or even no censorship on the network. Yeah, didn't feel like asking during the interview.

* von (7 days ago) [tls]
D-12 btw

* von (7 days ago) [tls]
Finally signed for our new apartment. More anxiety coming x)

* kasdk (7 days ago) [tls]
Uge 49 begynder #DK

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
Numpop score: 689 :)

* kas (9 days ago) [tls]
#Python 2.7 will retire in… ⌘

* kas (9 days ago) [tls]
Makefiles, best practices ⌘

* dave (9 days ago) [tls]
History of Unix man pages.

* freemor (10 days ago) [tls]
@von Naaaw, it's nice to see a bit more action here on #twtxt

* von (10 days ago) [tls]
Do you feel I'm spamming ? Tell me if that's the case, I'll post less often

* von (10 days ago) [tls]
Some people thought that this twtxt.txt was hosted on the same url than my blog :P If you happen to finally be here, welcome !!

* von (10 days ago) [tls]
They fucking never stop speaking ! That open space is hell ! Great, now I need to make a phone call while being angry

* von (10 days ago) [tls]
J'ai quand même du mal avec le café d'ici. J'espère que dans la prochaine boîte il sera meilleur :)

* von (10 days ago) [tls]
Online radio listener script V1.0 done

* von (10 days ago) [tls]
I must upgrade my online radio listening script and allow adding and removing links instead of hard writing them in the code

* von (10 days ago) [tls]
At the end of the day, only two weeks left before starting my new job. I don't want to wait T_T

* dave (10 days ago) [tls]
This is such good advice:

* von (10 days ago) [tls]
Told new people I am leaving the company, I said it normally as I thought they already knew. They didn't x)

* tux0r (10 days ago) [tls]
Larry Ellison deserves to be punched in the face. Discuss.

* kas (11 days ago) [tls]
Harmonia: An Interactive Utopian Tale ⌘

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