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* kas (20 hours ago) [tls]
Endlessh: an SSH Tarpit ⌘

* freemor (1 days ago) [tls]
@von very strange. what error are you getting when you try to fetch

* von (1 days ago) [tls]
@kas (re: freemor) What ? No I don't, I just use twtxt normally and use the timeline command :/

* kas (1 days ago) [tls]
@von (re: freemor) are you using a cron job? and if so: is that cron job being run? (yesterday cronie 1.5.3 on ArchLinux didn't run any user jobs; solved with 1.5.4)

* von (1 days ago) [tls]
@freemor : Ah, I still don't see your posts in my timeline even though the file is good on my browser :/

* adiabetic (2 days ago) [tls]
I want to like exa, but its default color choices are hot garbage. Don’t these people who use purple ever try using a terminal with a black background?

* adiabetic (2 days ago) [tls]
Interestingly enough, Visual Studio Code keeps running bash as its preferred shell, even though it isn’t the login shell anymore.

* kas (2 days ago) [tls]
@freemor Glad to see you're still here. :)

* freemor (2 days ago) [tls]
@kas Thanks for the heads up. Fixed, bad regex on a rule.

* kas (2 days ago) [tls]
@freemor, it looks like you are still fetching my twtxt file. Hope you are reading this.

* kas (2 days ago) [tls]
@freemor, have you left us? I get a “403 – Forbidden” on your twtxt file. Is that intentional, or have you fscked something up?

* kas (2 days ago) [tls]
@adiabetic I use fish 99+% of the [interactive] time, so those are the only prefs I maintain now.

* kas (2 days ago) [tls]
@adiabetic So very soon I grew very annoyed. Now I have 2 “open terminal emulator” hotkeys in my WM: one for $SHELL and one for fish. It works like a charm for me – especially now that I have told fish NOT to use the browser to display man pages.

* kas (2 days ago) [tls]
@adiabetic This time I actually started with fish as my login shell, but too many programs just assumed that $SHELL was POSIX compatible.

* adiabetic (2 days ago) [tls]
@kas now that I understand fish enough to port over the contents of my .bashrc and .bash_profile, I’m starting to get used to it. How’s having different shell preferences for login/interactive treating you?

* adiabetic (2 days ago) [tls]
I wanted to feel productive this evening, but I didn’t want to do any useful work. In related news, I’ve switched to from GPLv2 bash.

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
March #equinox ⌘

* kasdk (3 days ago) [tls]
Martsjævndøgn ⌘

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
@adiabetic (re: fish shell) I have been through the same procedure. This time was different: I still have bash as my login shell, but I now use fish for my interactive shell (and some scripting).

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
Sister Rosetta Tharpe — Didn’t it Rain ⌘ Manchester, England, 1964.

* von (3 days ago) [tls]
So I just bought a new vinyl ^^

* adiabetic (3 days ago) [tls]
today was the day of the triennual trying of the fish shell only to go back to bash within an hour or two

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
How to take back control of /etc/resolv.conf on Linux ⌘

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
Pattle is a new IM-like client for Matrix ⌘

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
Pattle is a new IM-like client for Matrix ⌘

* skingrapher (4 days ago) [tls] #peertube website

* kas (4 days ago) [tls]
bpkg is a bash package manager ⌘

* von (4 days ago) [tls]
Ok, everything is back on my homepage. Thanks to ^^ I'm just sad I couldn't retrieve my twtxt.txt file :/

* adiabetic (5 days ago) [tls]
“Great repository names are short and memorable. Need inspiration? How about supreme-couscous?” — I hadn’t heard about this particular Supreme collab, but then again I haven’t been subscribed to Hypebeast in a while…

* freemor (5 days ago) [tls]
Last bit for CB base station ordered.. Soon I'll be 10-8, 10-10, on the side.

* kasdk (6 days ago) [tls]
Uge 12 begynder #DK

* kasdk (6 days ago) [tls]
Grønne marker, stærke rødder ⌘

* tx (8 days ago) [tls]
@kas (re: binpop) :D

* skingrapher (8 days ago) [tls]
of many trades, a community server

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
Nootropics ⌘

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
Next up: basepop — choose your base in the interval 2..36 ;)

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
binpop – numpop, with just two fields, values 0 and 1 and just two lives ⌘ dat:// /via @keks

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
@tx (re: cnumpop) thanks!

* tx (8 days ago) [tls]
whoops, I gotta be careful with `backticks`, my last entry was interpreted by the shell

* von (8 days ago) [tls]
@tx Nice guess ! But unfortunately it has been overwritten :/

* tx (8 days ago) [tls]
@von if you backup regularly your home dir, look in `~/.cache/twtxt/twtfiles/`. I exclude ~/.cache from mines so I

* tx (8 days ago) [tls]
@kas (Re: cnumpop) gopher:// /

* kas (9 days ago) [tls]
@tx, where can I find your cnumpop these days?

* von (9 days ago) [tls]
Soooo. My whole public_html folder is gone. twtxt as well. Hope I can find a backup somewhere

* kas (10 days ago) [tls]
Cybernetics Library ⌘

* kasdk (11 days ago) [tls]
Friland – et øko-samfund på Djursland ⌘

* freemor (11 days ago) [tls]
@tux0r Yeah, My XMPP server was retired last year due to too little use to make the up keep seem worthwhile. Replaced by Tox.

* tux0r (12 days ago) [tls]
2019: The year I stopped caring about XMPP.

* kasdk (13 days ago) [tls]
Uge 11 begynder #DK

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