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First Real Post on this New System

2015-02-10 by Freemor

Ok, Now that I've got this new system set up enough to get going and I have brought along my old posts from the old system, it is time for me to actually say something here

It is probably pretty plain that there have been some changes. The biggest is that I am now using BlazeBlogger to manage my site. It is a pretty light CMS and does everything I need. This way I'll be able to focus more on content and less on maintenance.

As I get more familiar with the new system I'm sure the site will look a little less basic. Probably not much tho as I am still a firm believer in the fact that websites should be about the content and not the flashy content and groovy graphics. Also a more basic site will work much better on things like mobile devices and older hardware.

I'll probably create a new "About" page in the coming days but I doubt that a "Contact" page will be created. Other then that this is going to be a place for my musings, howto's, and probably the occasional rant. So, you know, a blog.

New Look

2015-02-09 by Freemor

Please don't mind the mess. I'm moving to a new look and feel for the site.