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* nblade (11 hours ago) [notls]
Well at ZendCon, not sure I learned anything yet

* leveck (1 days ago) [tls]
why has it taken me years to figure out lynx.lss can let you remove the black bg in lynx? so sweet!

* robbinaer (1 days ago) [tls]
Somewhat lazy sunday afternoon. Actually I wanted to blog an icecast-related article... but tomorrow is another day.

* robbinaer (2 days ago) [tls]
What I've learned today: Planned maintenance in data centers has to be done at daytime, because customers will greatly enjoy the 2-hour downtime of their servers.

* leveck (3 days ago) [tls]
TL;DR - ill founded endeavor made sense at the time, now that thumb drive holds music.

* leveck (3 days ago) [tls]
@quite - updated my kernel, to which lived on the thumb drive, and was not available during boot...[cont]

* leveck (3 days ago) [tls]
@quite - so it would boot using /usr from the SSD then mount the thumb drive after boot. Then I [cont]

* leveck (3 days ago) [tls]
@quite - during boot. So I had rsync'd /usr back to the SSD and forgot about it still being in fstab [cont]

* leveck (3 days ago) [tls]
@quite - thumb drive. Which works great until you reboot and realize that the thumb drive is not seen [cont]

* leveck (3 days ago) [tls]
@quite - but I wanted more room to install software and try things out so I rsync'd /usr to a 128gb [cont]

* leveck (3 days ago) [tls]
@quite - yes. I bought a cheapy HP laptop with a 32gb SSD. I installed Arch on it and now it flies [cont]

* quite (3 days ago) [tls]
@leveck the ... /usr ... thumbdrive ...?

* kasdk (4 days ago) [tls]
/me er ved at flytte til Bornholm, så denne fil kan være helt eller delvis utilgængelig i op til en uge…

* kas (4 days ago) [tls]
/me is in the process of moving to Bornholm; feed may be down for up to a week. Please have patience.

* leveck (5 days ago) [tls]
Fixed my laptop. I had left the /usr thumbdrive in when I ran pacman -Syu... facepalm fdisking that drive as I type this

* kas (5 days ago) [tls]
Stop trying to fix the user ⌘

* tfurrows (5 days ago) [notls]
@kas spot on with the "blame the victim" article on security.

* lahvak (6 days ago) [notls]
I did not think I would ever read '... is extremely fast. Its performance is similar to that of Java...'

* joel (6 days ago) [tls]
@kas I guess what I mean is, ‘mentions’ don’t actually do anything.

* leveck (6 days ago) [tls] 'boots to wrong kernal' I mean attempts to, no /boot

* leveck (6 days ago) [tls]
sigh probably won't get to it tonight, will fix it tomorrow night.

* leveck (6 days ago) [tls]
last night - modified DWM on my laptop, was happy with it, ran pacman -Syu, rebooted (unrelated) now it boots to the wrong kernal, no VFAT support...

* kasdk (6 days ago) [tls]
Ovnsbakt linsepostei ⌘

* kasdk (6 days ago) [tls]
@quite Det tager under 1 time fra Malmö til Ystad og 1 t 20 m med katamaranen fra Ystad til Rønne, så nu har du et udflugtsmål til næste sommer ;)

* kas (6 days ago) [tls]
@quite, do you also remember how the yellow stuff that oozes from a ladybug when you squeeze her tastes? ;)

* quite (6 days ago) [tls]
@kasdk Ser som upplagt för "slow living", rätt gott... och fin by, har inte varit på Bornholm, än!

* quite (6 days ago) [tls]
@kas I do remember that taste ... also from much more recent years :)

* kas (6 days ago) [tls]
@joel, What do you mean by “doesn't do mentions”?

* kasdk (6 days ago) [tls]
@quite Nej, jeg flytter til et byhus i den gamle bydel i Rønne ⌘ Men jeg har en svaghed for sådan nogle mini-huse. ;)

* kas (6 days ago) [tls]
@quite It makes for the most delicious bread. Do you remember the taste of the soft part of a grass straw when we were kids? That's how newly milled grains taste like. I'm using a Fidibus Classic, btw ⌘ It's very noisy but it does a good job.

* quite (6 days ago) [tls]
@kas Wow, grain mill, hardcore #baking

* quite (6 days ago) [tls]
@kasdk cool, flyttar du till ett minihus!?

* kasdk (6 days ago) [tls]
Tiny House Living ⌘

* joel (7 days ago) [tls]
I see twtxt still doesn't do mentions or public follow lists after a year and a half thinking face

* joel (7 days ago) [tls]

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
@tfurrows Yes, I look forward to start using my grain mill and baking bread again (am in the process of moving). :)

* freemor (7 days ago) [notls]
@mdom Congrats. I need to get me one of those.

* mdom (7 days ago) [tls]
gopher:// is now a thing.

* tfurrows (7 days ago) [notls]
@kas no knead bread is awesome, and very flexible in the recipes!

* kasdk (8 days ago) [tls]
Uge 42 begynder #DK

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
Brot für Knetfaule ⌘

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
No Knead Bread | Bread Recipe | The New York Times (2006) ⌘

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
Freedombone Mesh ⌘

* kas (8 days ago) [tls]
LibreMesh ⌘

* robbinaer (8 days ago) [tls]
Assuming Opensuse's package repos are as unreliable as their build service repos, I never would use it as an operating system. Crap!

* leveck (9 days ago) [tls]
Another day down, closer to days off. Going to do some site rewriting, may switch to sqllite, I want to redo the db structure anyway.

* freemor (9 days ago) [notls]
@skingrapher thanks for the info on ID24

* leveck (9 days ago) [tls]
New phlog gopher://

* dave (9 days ago) [notls]
@tx I've heard that cats like novelty when it comes to drinking water.

* c0by (9 days ago) [tls]
hmm wp update, debian updates, all over updates... ^^

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