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* tokipona (6 hours ago) [tls]
sona: n knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, understanding | vt know, understand, know how to | vi know, understand | kama learn, study

* mdosch (6 hours ago) [tls]
Unbelievable! Germany beats Canada and goes to the finals! #Miracle of #Pyeongchang! Go for gold!

* leveck (22 hours ago) [tls]
@pete try your unicode search on Project Gutenberg in Gopherspace again. I have settled on % encoding all characters in the search string... BTW, the example you gave returns no results, but 1st 2 characters only returns a listing.

* tokipona (1 days ago) [tls]
sitelen: n picture, image | vt draw, write

* freemor (1 days ago) [notls]
I'm lurking even when I'm not actively posting.

* freemor (1 days ago) [notls]
@c0by yep me too

* c0by (2 days ago) [tls]
pffff i am alive...

* tokipona (2 days ago) [tls]
sinpin: n front, chest, torso, face, wall

* kasdk (2 days ago) [tls]
Biblion ⌘

* tokipona (3 days ago) [tls]
sina: n you | mod your

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
Peer-to-Peer Web ⌘ #P2P

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
@leveck The first 3 scientific hits on “lignans middle-aged men” on Google seem to suggest that lignans reduce prostate and colon cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases, for middle-aged men. Do you have any resources that indicate otherwise?

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
How to beat jet lag once and for all ⌘ TL;DR: 16 hours of fast before touchdown

* kas (3 days ago) [tls]
Bonchi (bonsai chiles) ⌘

* tokipona (4 days ago) [tls]
sin: mod new, fresh, another, more | vt renew, renovate, freshen

* kasdk (4 days ago) [tls]
Uge 8 begynder #DK

* leveck (5 days ago) [tls]
@kas Soy, flax, and chia seeds are the most hormonal of foods. In particular they contain a heavy dose of lignans, a type of plant estrogen. As a middle-age male, I avoid all three.

* tokipona (5 days ago) [tls]
sike: n circle, wheel, sphere, ball, cycle | mod round, cyclical

* skingrapher (5 days ago) [tls]
@quite system is fucked. it benefits big organizations only

* skingrapher (5 days ago) [tls]
@quite national private institutions which sell corporate professional training are referenced automatically

* skingrapher (5 days ago) [tls]
@quite in france, companies can have their money back when they take courses by asking state to take charge of them

* skingrapher (5 days ago) [tls]
@quite 2) no company will buy your course because they'll lost any state subvention they can have from gov when they take referenced courses

* skingrapher (5 days ago) [tls]
@quite it means 2 things. 1) as a freelancer your courses aren't referenced on a national level. no one will find you in official catalogs

* skingrapher (5 days ago) [tls]
@quite french gov regulates professional training. short corporate courses for companies by freelancers are not validated anymore by gov

* kas (5 days ago) [tls]
@leveck, you don't like flax? Chia is another option. ;)

* leveck (5 days ago) [tls]
@pete I had not anticipated unicode! I specifically blocked nonASCII charactersin the search string. I will clean the search string in a less lazy manner but cannot get to it until next Thursday. Also thank you for the kind words.

* leveck (5 days ago) [tls]
@mdosch I use a shell script on a FreeBSD Raspberry Pi that runs twtxt via ssh on a Raspberry Pi running raspbian to post I read the timeline on gopher via tx

* leveck (5 days ago) [tls]
@kas except for the flax, I will give this mix a try! thanks man

* tux0r (5 days ago) [tls]
Oh, Apple. Never change.

* quite (6 days ago) [tls]
@skingrapher what is that #datadock about? some way the state now regulates something; could you summarize it?

* tokipona (6 days ago) [tls]
sijelo: n body, physical state

* tokipona (7 days ago) [tls]
sewi: n high, up, above, top, over, on | mod superior, elevated, religious, formal

* kas (7 days ago) [tls]
Harvard Healthy Eating Plate ⌘

* pete (8 days ago) [tls]
@leveck really appreciate what you're doing with Project Gutenberg in Gopherspace! i have one beta test report: it seems not to pass unicode characters to the search (example: 水滸傳). (also, I can greatly recommend cinnamon)

* tokipona (8 days ago) [tls]
seme: oth what, which, wh- (question word)

* skingrapher (8 days ago) [tls]
#datadock la cata

* kas (9 days ago) [tls]
I ♥ Free Software Day 2018 ⌘ #ilovefs

* tokipona (9 days ago) [tls]
selo: n outside, surface, skin, shell, bark, shape, peel

* robbinaer (10 days ago) [tls]
Now playing and recent tracks widgets are not working in IE (not that anybody cares). Things may change as the RadioBoss cloud service is still under heavy development.

* robbinaer (10 days ago) [tls]
Did some Yellow plugin work this week, a shortcut to integrate RadioBoss cloud widgets is now available here

* mdosch (10 days ago) [tls]
Google, please don't! (although I'm not using gmail)

* mdosch (10 days ago) [tls]
@leveck, I just use the standard client (wrapped in a local script for tweeting).

* tokipona (10 days ago) [tls]
seli: n fire, warmth, heat | mod hot, warm, cooked | vt heat, warm up, cook

* kas (10 days ago) [tls]
@leveck, I usually take equal amounts of frozen strawberries and blueberries and add banana, lemon/lime juice and stevia. For yoghurt I use buttermilk or soymilk. Finally I add ground flax seeds.

* leveck (10 days ago) [tls]
@mdosch which client do you use? auto or manual updating? my use case after I left the big social networks is a couple checkings a day...

* leveck (10 days ago) [tls]
Surprise of the day: plain lite Greek yogurt + crushed blueberries + stevia = badass I have never before had luck with flavoring plain yogurt, this idea paid off!

* mdosch (10 days ago) [tls]
@leveck, I often use but when I am at my laptop at home I use the client as I have my terminator always opened.

* mdosch (11 days ago) [tls]
@kas joined the #twtxt #xmpp room and doubled the amount of users. :D

* tokipona (11 days ago) [tls]
sama: mod same, similar, equal, of equal status or position | prep like, as, seem

* kasdk (11 days ago) [tls]
Uge 7 begynder #DK

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