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Here are ways you can contact me:

On twtxt as freemor @ or you can just watch the HTML version here.

On XMPP/Jabber or Tor Messenger as (please encrypt with PGP/OTR/OMEMO). You can find a client that suppports OTR Here

On SIP/SIMPLE as (please use SRTP/ZRTP Encryption). You can use CSipSimple, Jitsi or Linphone for this.

On Tox by copying this text or by scanning this QRcode

On the Freenode IRC network as freemor. You can learn about IRC Here.

I do not/will not use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, KIK, or any of the other insecure, privacy sucking, silos that far too many people have been drawn into using. If you are using one of these I strongly suggest you Consider a better option